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Web design terms article
Kuno Creative

15 Web Design Terms to Help You Navigate the Latest Trends

Are you part of a website redesign project? We’ve defined 15 web design terms to help you speak the same language as your design team.

Bestwebsites article
Kuno Creative

How the Best Designed Websites are Created

Curious how the best designed websites happen? Here is a detailed look at key phases of modern website redesign and how you can prep for each step.

Istock 156365155 747x420 article

Tips to Find and Hire More Top Healthcare Talent Today

Learn tips to find and hire more top healthcare workers in a labor market facing wide-spread talent shortages. | Written for Indeed

4 ways to use data article
Kuno Creative

4 Ways to Use Data to Improve Your Website Design

Do you use data to improve your website design? See how growth-driven design is a lower-risk approach to website creation and maintenance.

Fenway 747x420 article

Hot Dogs and Amazon: Stories of Top Performing Talent in Action ...

Indeed examines two stories of top performers, what they look like in practice and ways you can target these candidates at your organization. | Written for Indeed

Startup culture fit indeed article

Why Culture Fit is Critical in Startup Hiring

A poor culture fit can bring down an entire startup venture, while a strong fit can strengthen morale, boost productivity and encourage innovation. | Written for Indeed

Design within reach home decor store gather table jacob plejdrup 115151 article

The best luxury furniture stores in Austin to feather your nest

These stores showcase some of the most upscale home furnishings and decor in Austin, whether you’re ready to splurge or content to simply browse.

Epoch coffee cup 092703 article

Favorite local coffee shop brews new West Austin location

Come spring 2017, the site of an old Jiffy Lube on Far West Boulevard will be serving up java instead of motor oil. Local favorite Epoch Coffee is set to open its third location there in April.

Istock 499738668 747x420 article

January is the Best Month to Hire a Doctor

Indeed data shows that employers post the most physician jobs in October, but job seeker searches for these positions peak in January. | Written for Indeed

Examples of organizational culture 747x420 article

3 Examples of Great Organizational Culture You Can Learn From

Learn how to build organizational culture from 3 companies recognized for their outstanding corporate culture and employee engagement. | Written for Indeed

Boost conversions on your gated content article
Kuno Creative

5 Ways to Boost Conversions on Your Gated Content

Want to see more leads from your gated content? Here are five strategies for boosting content marketing conversions.

High bounce rate article
Kuno Creative

Top Reasons for High Bounce Rates and How to Fix Them

From design to usability to your content itself, here’s how to address the common causes of high bounce rates on your website.

Indeed time to apply study 747x420 article

Study: Which Companies Offer the Fastest Online Job Application Process?

Learn which companies offer the fastest online job application process and three tips to improve your application process. | Written for Indeed

Brene brown 747x420 article

10 Brené Brown Quotes to Inspire Success and Happiness at Work

10 of the most inspiring quotes from Dr. Brené Brown’s Indeed Interactive keynote presentation. | Written for Indeed

Mission and purpose 747x420 article

How 3 Companies Use Mission and Purpose to Inspire Top Talent

Three businesses are doing a great job of using mission and purpose to attract and inspire top performers. | Written for Indeed